Our Production Teams

At Rainsong, we strive to align all business operations with our core values. We want to support small business and communities. We want to create long-lasting and meaningful relationships, and we want to do that ethically, with the people who help us produce our clothing.

Our story starts with its heartfelt connection to Bali. You’ll always find a smile as you ease into this island life - the magical colours that fall across the sky with the setting sun, the lush tropical gardens lining small windy roads. Bali culture is steeped in spiritual and ancestral tradition. The whole vibe has been a big inspiration for many of our collections. We have worked intimately with Jonny and his family at Ryan Bali Garment, for many years. Ryan Bali Garment is responsible for taking our designs, cutting the patterns, and sewing each garment. The factory is run ethically and fairly, and the staff are happy and well looked after. Rainsong is proud to collaborate with Ryan Bali Garment in the production of its Bali collections.

Our second and newest production team is based in India. We are excited and honoured to work alongside this family-run business. Manga and Sonu have a long history in the fashion industry. The Sasha factory produce collections for many notable design houses and have a good reputation for quality and consistency. It operates ethically. The staff work under excellent conditions. The quality of the end product and the ethical treatment of staff are both very important to the Rainsong Brand.

We take a real interest in the communities that help make what we do possible. We donate fabric to the YKPA orphanage, which helps support the Bali Street Kids Project. The kids make dolls clothes to sell at the orphanage shop. The money raised goes toward their education. It's a fantastic cause. We can't think of a better one to get behind. 

We are looking forward to delving deeper into our Indian community, to help support a cause close to our heart. 

We hope you enjoy our products. A lot of love and care goes into each piece. Each piece is made for you.

Enjoy with our love.

The Rainsong Team.