Rainsong Designs

The Rainsong Story


Sharon Robertson is the brainchild behind Rainsong’s creation and success. She cheerfully blames her childhood for igniting a spark for dressmaking. As a kid, she had to try to find room to eat at the kitchen table because needle and thread took up most of the space. Her Mum was a dressmaker, like her Mother before her. The love of cloth and craft has travelled through the generations, from womb to womanhood.

“My grandmother taught me the art of knitting and crochet. I’m left-handed so she taught me in the mirror. She was always so patient, and a total perfectionist. She would encourage me in her gentle way, to unpick my work if it wasn’t perfect. I learnt to pay attention to every intricate detail. Back then, I remember feeling that our time together was really significant, almost sacred."

Her creative childhood laid the foundation for a future in fashion design. Keeping true to her roots, she pays special attention to the details - from the cut of a silhouette and the shape of a neckline, to how a particular fabric moves and flows on a woman’s body. She began to create what is still to this day, some of her signature and sought-after pieces.

“For me, creating clothes that make women feel and look incredible, seeing their happy faces when they look in the mirror, it really is what drives me.”

Other things drive Sharon, too. The Rainsong Brand has strong ethical values. Every part of the design and production process is done with the planet and its people in mind.

Most collections have been produced in Bali, by a local factory with a strong spiritual ethos. It takes special care of the people who work there.

“I met Jonny and his business ‘family’ in Bali, many years ago. He is a deeply spiritual and wholly light-hearted man. Most of his staff have been with him for a long time. You really get a sense of the love shared. It’s a good vibe place.” 

Sharon’s team share her passion for detail. Every garment is scrutinised for quality and consistency.  

Rainsong's collection, Soft Lights, Pink City, was produced in India, by a family business with a long history in textiles, working for many notable fashion labels. This is a new Rainsong partnership.

“I met Manga about 15 years ago when I worked for a fashion company in Geelong, Victoria. It was my first job after completing my fashion diploma." 

I was so excited when Manga contacted me a little while back to see if Rainsong might be interested in creating a collection using Indian textiles.

I've always been enchanted by the vibrancy and detail found in Indian textiles, particularly traditional block printed fabrics. The layering of colour and design is, for me, an exquisite art form. Each intricate pattern is hand stamped, one layer on top of another. It's an age-old craft, the techniques of which are still carried out in the traditional way.

I went to India for the first time last November to work on my very first Indian collection. It was an amazing experience. The colours, the smells, the vibrancy, I felt like all my senses were in full party mode! I was completely inspired and I can’t wait to get back there and explore the place more. There are many jewels to uncover in India!”

Rainsong Designs began as a humble market stall in Broome. Its styles and fabrics are suited for the tropical climate. Each piece allows the wearer to breathe and flow free so that she can be comfortable and feel beautiful.

Rainsong has two flagship stores, one in the heart of Broome, and the other in the heart of Port Douglas.

"I am so grateful for the incredible support I've received from loyal customers over the years. They really love what I do. They inspire me to keep creating year after year. So I want to give a big and humble thanks."

Enjoy with all our love.

The Rainsong Team.